Big bang and 2NE1 in "Lollipop" TV ad

Korea still be jockin' the auto tune. I love it! I shouldn't, but I just love how Korean music producers are just auto tuning everything.

The commercial was pretty hot. Funky and really colourful. A full music video should've been made out of this. It seemed like a waste to have such hot sets and hot looks condensed into just a 31 second ad. Though "Lollipop" is set to be a fully fledged single. So we may get a full version hit soon, with less product placements.

Big Bang (the guys in the ad with the eyes caked in mascara) are mad popular in Korea, and are looked up to by fans and seen as trend setters due to their flamboyant style. So it's easy to see why LG approached them to endorse their latest phone. 2NE1 (the ladies in the video...if you could tell them apart from the guys) are a group who are yet to debut. They are managed by YG entertainment, who also manage Big Bang. The song "Lollipop" will mark their first ever single, which was also written by Big Bang member G-Dragon. With girl groups and boy bands alike being so big in Korea right now, these girls can't lose. Having an established act and a product tie in thrown in means they're already going to be off to a good start.

I remember when LG phones were absolute crap. Now they're steppin' up their shit and coming out with some really nice phones. LG are all about the touch screens for the UK market, but it looks like they're sticking to the trends of the Asian market with the clamshell. I've always wanted a clamshell, but you don't get many of them in the UK. Not good ones anyway.


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