Hikaru Utada drops by studio 93

Hikaru Utada made a stop at Kube 93 FM to sit down and talk about her career and life. Hikaru Utada fans, be sure to check this out. It's probably the most in depth english interview Hikaru's done so far, and a rare occassions where she actually does an interview in english. So revel in it!

A lot of fans still don't realize how Hikaru Utada pushes UNITS! She doesn't whore herself out in Japan, or even go promotion crazy, but she pushes some units. A testament to how tight her music is and how it just connects with people.

This was a great interview. Japanese artists don't do as much radio promotion as US artists, so it's always cool when they do. I love radio interviews, as artists always really come out of themselves and show their true and relatable colours.

It was great seeing an insight in Hikaru Utada's creative process and her own outlook on her career. And also the obstacles she faces being "as much an American as [she is] Japanese". Her speaking on being an outsider even in Japan was really interesting.

Great interview. She didn't have an air about her that gave off a feel that she pretty much shuts shit down in Japan sales wise and that she's accomplished so much. She just seemed like a regular chick. I love her even more now. I can tell you where Hikaru will be in 5 years: living with me, as my wife. I love the bitch. I just wanna run my fingers through her hair.


  1. I've been meaning to ask you J, why do you say Hikaru Utada? Isn't it the other way around?

    I said this on Brandon's blog, and I'll say it here: her english speaking voice is so hot! She's got this husky, sexy thing going on. My favorite part in the entire song of "Come Back to Me" is when she says Baby, take it easy on me.

    Really cool interview! She seems like such a cool chick. No wonder you want to marry her and suck on her toes. :P

  2. Hikaru is her first name, Utada is her surname. In Japan, surnames come first. But we ain't in Japan, so I put her first name first. Therefore: Hikaru Utada.


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