Music video: Calvin Harris - I'm not alone

What a wierd and rubbish video! I like that Calvin Harris came different when it would've been easy to have gone for a club video with lots of strobe lights and lasers. But this video is crap. I won't be watching it again. Lucky for Calvin I think the song is absolute fire. I'm not into house, trance or Euphoric dance. I find it boring and it's the kindof music people usually only dance to when they're absolutely smashed and high off their head. But I do love this song. It has that same feel about it that made me fall for Madonna's "Get together" from Confessions on a dance floor in a big way.

"I'm not alone" is completely different from anything on Calvin's debut album I created disco. So I look forward to hearing what else he's cooked up for his follow up. I may be going to see him at a gig in May. (Fingers crossed!) Hopefully he'll perform some new material. He doesn't look the type who'd put on a good show, but he's a real showman. I love watching his performances because he also looks like he's high or a bit tipsy and just having a right old time.


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