Music video: Namie Amuro - Wild

Yawn! Namie looked hot, especially in the setup where she's on the moon. Her look at 1:52 was just Namie f**king us hard with her eyes. But it was just a boring video. The slow mo shots went on for far too long and the dancing was dusty. The energy Namie had in the Coca Cola ad was completely absent from this video. The dance moves Namie did in the 20 second ad was better than what she came with for 3 minutes of the music video. I'm really dissapointed.

The whole concept also wreaked of Janet Jackson's "Feedback". It wasn't even subtle. All the video was missing was a scene where Namie and her biker looking dancers work it out in some milk. Everything else was straight "Feedback".

"Wild" is a hot song. I stan for it to the fullest, and I love Namie Amuro. But this video was whack. I'm mad dissapointed that a hot little ditty wasn't choreographed up for the "legs, arms, shoulder, knees, fingers, toes. It's on babe!" line too. That shit could've run rampant in clubs and at concerts.

I'm not keen on the song "Dr.", but I bet it gets one hell of a video that makes me fall for the song big time.


  1. I don't think it was terrible, but for such a hot song, the video needed to be blazin'! And she needs some pep in her step. Them dance steps had no conviction and she was just lacking energy.

    I do love this song though and she is supa sexy! I hope you're right and the video for "Dr." is hot. I need to see something wild for the insane switch ups at :51 and 2:50.

  2. She looks bored. I guess she's trying to look sexy but for a song called Wild she's not acting very energetic. Also I don't think she smiled during the whole song. To me she should be smiling and tearing up the dance floor. I don't know if I like this song or not, I can't really hear her voice that well buried in all that electronic music.

  3. It's kind of sleepy. Needs more hair flipping and energy like Beruda said.


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