Music video: Perfume - One room disco

The video was boring. Sure, it looked nice and colourful - but it was so boring to watch. Perfume's dancing leaves a lot to be desired. The girls were moving like 80 year old grandma's with bad hips. A shame, because they looked nice and have some hot legs on them.

"One room disco" is a piss poor song, all because of the vocals. The music is well produced and playful, but the disconnected and processed to hell and back vocals just ran the song into the ground. With a decent un-affected vocal performance, or even an instrumental; "One room disco" could've been a hot pop record for the Summer. Thankfuly the single will have the instrumental on it. That'd be my track of choice, because the vocals are just a deal breaker.

I liked Perfume's last album Game. But if everything they do from now on is going to sound just like it, then folk are going to get bored quickly. I already am.

Give it a read: Game review


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