Music video: Son Dam Bi - On a Saturday night

There's hot 80's style beats, and then there's cheesy 80's beats that sound like pre-programmed songs on a 1996 Yamaha keyboard. The whole thing sounds like a song from a Mega Drive shooting game released in 1982. The worst thing is that the beat could've been hot with some tweaking here and there. But as it is, it sounds amatuer and way too cheesy for its own good.

The music video was boring too. Son Dam Bi looks nice, but she looks lifeless. There's no swagger, no energy. No amount of her looking fine in glass disco shades and ankle boots could save this shit. And I was not feeling the post Chris 'Take you down' Brown beatdown look she was sporting at the 2 minute mark neither. It killed the glam look of the video, although it was the most interesting part of it.

"On a Saturday night" is taken from Son Dam Bi's first full length album Type B - back to the 80's. It's like everybody wants to throw it back to the 80's these days.


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