BoA @ Universal city walk

Why was BoA try'na shout "Sing!" like "I did it for love" was a smash hit song that everybody done heard? The song has already flopped. It was already old before the full song and video leaked. BoA's braids must too tight on the left side of her head. BoA looked hot, but the performance was dry. BoA was working it out at the end, but by that point I was already bored.

"I did it for love" is just such a boring song. She really should get a better backing track that has more vocal work on it supporting her, or enlist the help of backing vocalists during her live performances. She sounds so dead pan singing over just the beat on its own. Or better still, she could always perform a better song with more energy - like say "Did ya" or "Obsessed". Songs which will go down well with a crowd whether they know the song or not. If her people know what's good for them, they go with "Did ya" and "Obsessed" for future singles.

BoA also performed her debut US single "Eat you up", which you can catch after the jump.

Now THAT was a better performance. "Eat you up" is still growing on me, even now. I didn't realize how much the song didn't suck until I heard the uninspired filler on BoA's US debut.

D'ya know what the saddest thing about BoA's floundering her career in the US is? Is that she actually had the makings of somebody who could make it in the US. She has the look, despite her weak live performances they're still better than what Hikaru Utada has been pulling in the States and her label could've hooked her up with whichever producers they liked. But then on the flip side, her english is still bad, her english singing voice is even more bad, BoA got the wrong types of songs, and SM entertainment seem insistant to keep whoring her out in Japan when they should be killing her activity in Japan for a good few months so she can focus on the US. So I guess whilst BoA had things going on for her that could've helped her, she also had shit going against her favour.

The girl REALLY does need to take a break from the game. She's saturating it right out. At the age she is now and given how long she's been in the game, she still has yet to hone the sounds which work for her and make a consistent album.

Watch her: Eat you up (versions A, B & alternate B) | I did it for love
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