Kim Dong Wan handles Mariah

What you are about to witness has to be the hottest cover of Mariah's "Touch my body" EVER!! This shit is classic.

A Korean star right there! I already prefer this to Mariah's version. Don't think for a second I didn't rip this shit and put it on the iPod. Kim Dong Wan needs to put out an album on iTunes. I'd download it. I mean wouldn't be any worse than BoA's US debut.

A couple (okay...) ALL of the notes were as flat as Leah Dizon's booty, but he still sounded better than Mariah does when she performs "Touch my body" live, and NO: I'm no joking. Bitch sounded a mess when she used to do this live. Kim Dong Wan sang Mariah and her water balloon titties under a bus with this shit. Classic! I'm now I fan. I've already subscribed to his shit on YouTube.



  2. I remember this from a while ago. LOL


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