Music video: 2NE1 & Big Bang - Lollipop

The song is rubbish. Actual rubbish. And I take back what I said about extending the look of the commercial make a hot full length video. 30 seconds of flashing lights and a bunch of guys and girls who look like they had an American Apparel and Uni qlo store have sex and shoot jizz all over them is tolerable. But watching 3 minutes of it got old...REAL fast. Especially with no hot dance routine. And the monotony and sheer stupidity of the song also doesn't help. But the happy go lucky feel of the song and the colourful video matched with Big Bang and K-Pop fans wandering where 2NE1 will go from here will all help fuel "Lollipop"'s success.

2NE1's style needs sorting up though. I'm all for originality, but their style is a little too random and all over the place.


  1. Big Bang are intolerable in this; it wouldn't be half as crappy with them out of the picture. Besides, isn't this the girls' single? Pfft...

  2. You'll probably get used to it but then again, what is your style of music. I like it.

    By the way, is your blog called Random J Pop or Where East Meets West because I wanted to call my J-Pop/K-Pop Update Blog: East Meets West, although right now it's called NyNyWorldwide. Please add me.


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