Music video: Mika Nakashima - Over load

I think I'm in love with this song. But I would've loved it more if somebody else with more gusto did it. The song gives me Ayumi Hamasaki vibes. Although I probably wouldn't like the song as much if Ayumi did it. She would've sounded really good on the verses when she's working the lower registers, but I know I would've hated her on the chorus where she'd border on shrieking. I think Kumi would've been a great contender for this song. Her vocals would've suited it to a tee. She has greater power to her voice, which is what Mika lacks and what this song needed. I still love this song though. It's just nice. I thought it was going to break into a Japanese version of Brandy's "Right here (Departed)" at the start!

The video was pretty cool. No idea of the meaning behind it. But the special effects were cool and when Mika was dolled up she looked nice, even if she did look like a mannequin from a Mango shop window.

I've never really followed Mika Nakashima because I just find her so depressing to watch and listen to half the time. The first song I'd heard of hers was "Glamorous sky" from the Nana movie, which is how I first came across her. There's just nothing about Mika that I feel I can latch onto. She seems so empty and dead pan. But I've tried to make an effort with her as of late, to broaden my horizons. And I'm glad I did, because I really do like "Over load".

Mika is currently embarking on her 'Trust our voice' tour and "Overload" is a brand new single. So chances are once her tour comes to and end that we'll get a new album from her.

Another of Mika's music videos: Mika goes all old school with "Game"


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