Son Dam Bi's comeback performance

Not bad. She had more energy about her in this performance than she did in her music video. But she weren't looking as hot. She sang live too! Damn right she sang live. It's not like the song is hard to sing and that she's pulling serious shapes during it.

Asia throws the word 'comeback' around way too much. If an artist is off the scene for more than 4 weeks and then drop music: it's declared a comeback. Son Dam Bi did not go off the rails, get gang-raped, have 2 illegitimate children, end up on crack, put out 2 flop albums and then miraculously turn her shit around and drop a critically acclaimed album 2 years later. If she did, then I'd call her shit a comeback. But a comeback this isn't. Plus, she got given a WHACK song for a so-called comeback. "On a Saturday night" sounds like a Japanese karaoke song from the 80's. I can't stand it.


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