The woman beater and that nobody chick from Girlicious

Chris has managed to find a tag-along who is more talentless than RihannaGirlicious member Natalie Mejia was spotted at a tattoo parlour with Chris 'Take you down' Brown a few days ago. She's probably with him because it's the only way to get her talentless arse some exposure.

Girlicious were finished and pointless from the start. They were also a complete joke seeing as Natalie and Chrystina were only put in the group for eye candy factor; because the bitches attitudes stunk on the show, as did their singing abilities. I don't even think Natalie's that nice any way. When she smiles she looks like an old leather hand bag. There were much prettier chicks who could sing better than she could that didn't make it through.

Natalie is probably hoping Chris will shot her a slap in public so she can run to the papers, make a name for herself as a victim of Chris Brown and then release a single about how some "N***a did me wrowng, did me oh-so-wrong, but I'm okay!" over a beat consisting of synths and auto-tune produced by RedOne. And then catch heat as J.Lo did for using the word n***a in a song so she can put out a statement about how Jennifer is an inspiration and she wants to be the next. I see you Natalie...I see you!

It wouldn't surprise me if it turned out Natalie and Chris are knocking boots. If they aren't, then you best believe Natalie's try'na make it happen.


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