2NE1's debut live performance

Korean girl group 2NE1 made their long awaited live debut. Performing their single (I like to think of it as their debut) "Fire".

The performance was all about Minzy and CL for me. They've got swagger for days. Even before they hit the stage, they killed it with their routines in the intro video. CL's was especially hot with the Janet Jackson inspired chair routine.

Minzy and CL were the only 2 who stood out in the music videos for "Fire" and the same goes for this performance. The other 2 girls may as well had not been there at all. Dara was just walking around and Bom is just stiff. She moves like a rusty robot. I can see her becoming that girl who just sings quite well and looks nice, and...that's it! Without 30 odd girls in one group, it's easier to spot the weakest links. Especially when you've a couple of members who really do shine brightly.

As for the performance as a whole, it was good. On the vocal front sounded like a mix of certain parrts being mimed and others sung live. And froma visual standpoint the stage looked too barren. They could've done with some back up dancers, a more spectacular light show, or making more of the space around them. But the energy was there and the performance was entertaining.

The girls in technicolour: Lollipop | Fire


  1. I gotta agree! The two youngest were working it like they had been performing for awhile! I hope Bom manages to up her game a little with more practice and performances. And Dara...I'm not sure what the point of Dara is yest but I guess we'll soon find out.

    Love Minzy and CL though. I'm looking forward to more perfomances.

  2. Actually, you're correct in calling it their debutm, in that they have decided not to count "Lollipop" as their debut song.


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