Daichi Miura - Delete my memories

The video looks a heck of alot like Justin Timberlake's cleverly done, but so boring and inappropriate music video for "Love Stoned". Doesn't look quite as impressive in the special effects department though. Some bits looked really badly edited. I'm pissed Daichi didn't dance more though. The dude is an amazing dancer. But none of his music videos showcase just how good he is.

I've not liked a lot of Daichi Miura's songs, but I quite like this one. The chorus in particular, with its "Derete my memories". You gotta love the Japanese language and its lack of L's. Something about the way in which Daichi sings the chorus gives me Namie Amuro vibes, as does the whole song. I wonder if it was written and produced by Namie's long time collaborator Nao'ymt: who also produced Daichi's last single...

Daichi's previous music video: Daichi Miura featuring Kreva, "My love"
Watch him go: Daichi Miura vs. Da Pump on Super Chample


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