Keri & Kanye on Letterman

Keri hit up David Letterman to perform her latest single "Knock you down" some days back. Ne-Yo didn't put in an appearance, but Kanye did. He would wouldn't he. The n***a is everywhere. Thankfully he finally got himself a haircut for the occasion. I was tired of his picky head parading about the place.

Keri's vocals were off in more than a few places, but overall she put on a decent performance. Keri's look was mad messy. The weave, the jacket, whatever that shit was on her legs, the high top Nike's. I see what was trying to be done, the end result was just black, pink and blonde mess from head to toe. But it is a very Keri Hilson look - so she manages to somehow make it work. Don't mean I like it though. Keri is lucky she's so fine.

The performance was nice confirmation that the song is actually Keri's. Because Ne-Yo and Kanye outshine the hell out of her on the album version - almost to the point where you're unsure of whose song "Knock you down" actually is. Keri brings it on the chorus, but Ne-Yo's verse is just insane and Kanye kills it with his rap.

"Knock you down" is my jam right now. I cannot understand why we had to go through "Energy", "Turnin' me on" and "Return the favour" before we finally got "Knock you down" as a single. I was in favour of "Do it" as a lead single until I heard "Knock you down". It's such an obvious single choice. As he did on "Miscommunication", Danja hooked Keri UP! And with Ne-Yo and Kanye in the mix too, you cannot go wrong. I can only think that this song was recorded quite late into In a perfect world...'s production. Because no label could be that stupid to have not dropped this as a single sooner.

There's no word on if the song will get a UK release and if Keri will be back in London promoting. Her people need to get the ball rolling on it though, because Keri could have a number 1 hit in the UK with "Knock you down"...easily!

Thank you Meelz for hooking me up with a link to this performance.

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  1. The song was actually recorded pretty late in production. Keri has admitted Kanye jumped on the track a couple of DAYS before her turn in date. So one must assume that this song wasn't originally intended for the album. I can almost confirm it wasn't because Ne-yo was on the track "Ready to Fall" which WAS confirmed for the album. And who has one guest artist featured on 2 songs?

  2. It was a cool performance, nothing more or less. Keri did look kinda jacked with that hair. She's fine as hell, but that hair wasn't doing it for me.

    Kanye is a bastard for being able to smack that ass like that. I'm jealous!


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