Music video: Beyoncé - Ego

No wonder the Beyondroid always has money in the back. She don't pay shit for her cheap arse videos. I don't like this video at all. I think it's whack. She's taken the whole 'black and white with 2 back-up dancers' concept and stamped it into the ground in her Deréon heels. It should've started and ended with "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". But as the Beyondroid does, she takes one thing she's had success with, and then goes overboard and saturates the shit out of it.

This video highlights why the Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce segregation was a shit idea. Because the lines are already blurring. I get more Beyoncé than Sasha Fierce vibes from "Ego". The same could possibly be said for "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". Only on "Diva" was the swagger so over the top and stupid did it feel like "Okay...that's some alter ego bullshit going on there!"

I got mad love for the Beyondroid. But she recycles her shit way too much.

She should've shot THAT "Video phone" video herself, n***a in a tutu and all. The song 100% Sasha Fierce garbage, and you can two step to it in a club.

Check up on it: I am... Sasha Fierce album review


  1. I knew it LOOL ahaha...

    well man, only problem with is that it reminds us of single ladie..yes its cheap (i still dint understand Why she wouldnt pay a lot for her vids..execpts for some of them), but notheless, i really liked the dancing...The choreography was hot Imo...

    Im still a fan though, but she really has to renew heself..

    why did U say she recycles her shit too much? example..? lol


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