Music video: Eminem - 3 A.M

Another Eminem video that's going to get flak, censored during the day and attention for promoting murder and mass violence. It's already hit the papers. The video was seriously disturbing, but very cool.

I see Em is sticking with the natural hair colour this time around. I wonder what his decision behind that was? I guess Eminem got sick of the bleaching and the up keep of his head. He really does look different with his natural hair colour though. He looks so much smaller. Sounds wierd, I know. Maybe it's just me.

Not overly keen on the song itself. I like it no more or no less than "We made you" because it's all stuff we've heard from Eminem before.


  1. I love the song, it takes me back to his Slim Shady LP days. From what I've been reading, The Relapse is pretty damn good (and crazy), and it's way better than Encore, which I thought was shit, except for a few songs.


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