Music video: Lady GaGa - Paparazzi

Hot video. The only thing that kinda ruined it was the whole lesbo kissing on the sofa. It wasn't hot or sexy. It just looked forced. Like it was thrown in simply because it's what everybody expects from a Lady GaGa music video. Not necessary. My favourite part? The very end when Lady GaGa's having her mugshot taken. Something about that scene was just fly to me. Lady GaGa seems to always do things to extremes and it's working in her favour and helping push that eccentric GaGa brand. Great video. Cool, creative and on par with the song. No doubt Aguilera and GaGa comparison enthusiasts are already drawing comparison how both ladies worked with Jonas Ã…kerlund on a music video. (Ã…kerlund directed Aguilera's "Beautiful" music video).

Many are coming out of the woodwork and saying how they didn't realize how fugly Lady GaGa was until this video dropped. I wouldn't say she's fugly, but she ain't that hot. At least I don't think so. I noticed how un-smokin' hot GaGa was from day one. "Just dance" you could barely see her face and in "Poker face" she wears that glass shit on her head and covers up one side of her face with her hand fo' a reason! It's her swagger which gives her appeal, along with looking like you could have a chance with her in music videos given how she seems to love the sex. Though in her defence, who doesn't!? I have to say though, I think GaGa looks nicer in this video than she does her previous ones. I think it's the Bob that's doing it.

Despite "LoveGame" getting heavy rotation on UK radio and in clubs - "Paparazzi" will be Lady GaGa's third UK single instead. A shame, but she always had a hit regardless of which song she went for. Lady GaGa seems to be making nothing but the right choices with her singles. "Paparazzi" won't get people stomping in the clubs how "Poker face" and "LoveGame" do - but no doubt this'll go straight to the top of the charts.

"Paparazzi" is my favourite song on The fame, and I know a lot of other people out there have been stanning for the song.

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  1. I don't think she Fugly. I would, that's for sure. But then again I think I would to a lot of girls.
    The mug shoot part is definitely cool. I like how the cop/photographer is all like "walk away" I don't give a crap that these mug shots are gonna get me into trouble.
    My question is what is up with the Micky Mouse glasses?

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  3. I love the album especially Just Dance, Poker Face, Lovegame, Paparazzi and Starstruck.

    But the video is really unusual to me, more unusual than Poker Face but that was better.

    So she survived the fall and ended up in a wheelchair, right? Hm, most artists would have just made the video that they had just died and that's all.

    What's with all the dead images of her dying at different places too?

    And almost 8 mins? Longest video I have even seen in my life. Wow! Amazing! At 5:15, I did like her outfit though. Then again, it is Lady GaGa.

  4. "most artists would have just made the video that they had just died and that's all"Lady GaGa's not most artists is she. ;P Plus there's probably something in her not dying. Like "Lady GaGa gon' live forever...BITCH!" or sumthin'. *lol*

    If this is the longest music video you've seen in your life, then I take it you've not seen many of Michael Jakson's videos then. *lol*

    This video will probably be edited down for when it airs on TV. The make out session and use of the C word would get cut for daytime anyway.

  5. Those werent women on the couch lol they were male triplets


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