Music videos: 2NE1 - Fire

2NE1 have debuted their official debut single "Fire". And has become almost custom for Korean acts - we've got 2 music videos. A street version and a space version. It's clear all the budget went towards the space version, because the street version looks mad cheap in comparison.

The space video gets my vote. I'm just a sucker for flashing lights. What can I say?! The effects they pulled with the lights and how they went with the beat was really well done. Plus it was just more fun to watch. Everything was on point. The looks, set set-up, the editing, the special effects. Hot, hot, hot!! Fire, indeed.

The street version was boring. It was like Destiny's child's "Lose my breath" video without the 6 tonnes of weave. Plus the girls looked too ridiculous to the point of looking stupid. Their whacky style was just the right side of ridiculous in the space video. But in the street one, it's as though the stylist was trying too hard. Way too hard.

I'm liking 2NE1's style so far. I'm getting TLC vibes from them, with the whole out there style, funky videos and the sexiness coming through via just being cool and unique, and not by conventional methods of hot pants, skin on display, weaves and heels.

I'm also digging the song. It's on trend and club ready, without sounding overly contrived. The girls could have a hit in the West with this shit. I wouldn't think twice about bumping this in the car and bustin' a move to it in the clubs. Korea seems to be doing a better job of these urbanized joints than Japan right now.

Watch it: 2NE1, Big Bang and a whole lotta colour


  1. I love this song right now, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else they put out. And of course, I want to see the live performances as well.

    Even thought I have to admit, I like the lollipop song and video they did with Big Bang even if it was a hot mess of colors and lights. I have to admire how on point YG is with these girls so far.

  2. Yeah, I love this song too.

    I now have three girl groups in Korea that I like: Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and After School. Three groups who don't do the cute concept and I like that.


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