A naked Klingon

Cos when a good girl goes bad...border=One talentless bitch gets nude pictures leaked and now another!

A bunch of photo's have leaked (i.e - been released by Chris 'Take you down' Brown) showing what looks like The Forehead (aka The Bajan Klingon aka Rihanna) nekkid! There is no confirmation the pictures are of her though. The pictures in which she's scantily clad, you can see her face. The pictures of her booty, her titties and her partly covered vagina: no face.
The Forehead could just lie and say the pictures aren't of her and that a fan (or a hater) orchestrated the whole thing. She's in a position to, because it is a possibility. Unlike Kneepads' pictures, you can't see her face in the incriminating photo's. But oddly Def Jam have released a statement which neither confirms nor denies the pictures are of The Bajan Klingon. Perhaps they're not denying the pictures in case a set leak which show her naked from head to toe. Either way, The Forehead can play victim with these pictures. Because there's every chance that lisping, wife beating n***a leaked had something to do with some of these pictures surfacing.

Between copping a beating from Chris 'Take you down' Brown and now the nude picture scandal, The Forehead will be staying in the game for a little longer. VH1's probably already putting together a 30 minute 'Rihanna's most shocking moments' feature.

The deal with me adopting calling The Forehead 'The Bajan Klingon' is because I'm hyped about the new Star Trek film, which I'll be going to see tomorrow! Can't wait.


  1. Whoever it is, she's got some NICE fun bags!!!


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