Super Junior's debut performance of "It's you"

Korean 14 piece boy band Super Junior too the stage a few days ago to perform their second single off of the re-release of their third studio album. As usual with a Super Junior performance, the stage looked mad busy.

They didn't sound all that great, but they at least sang live. And the dancing was decent. As with the music video, Kyuhyun was swagging. It's good to see him looking more confident. I'm not sure what was up with Leetuk's ponytail and Kangin's hair looking like somebody blew dust in it. Plus, Shindong continues to rock a hair cut that looks like his mom cut it with the aid of a ramen bowl. I saw ramen bowl, because he has a big ol' round head. He has a big head, and he's a bit on the big side. But the dude can move! You wouldn't think it looking at him, but I always notice how his moves are cleaner than the other Super Junior members, and how whenever there are cool little set piece routines in the middle of the songs; he's one of the 4 or 5 who is involved in it.

"It's you" is a cool song, and a really cool follow up to "Sorry, sorry". It grows on me with each listen. It's the chorus which does it for me. SM entertainment need to be putting out "Why I like you" as a third single though. That song is a frickin' banger and a half. I love it! It continues to get heavy rotation on my iPod.

Watch it: The music video for "It's you"
Check it out: Sorry, sorry album review


  1. I never listened to Super Junior before this lastest minialbum and I have to say I love their style and songs this time around. I give you major props for being able to name all 13 members. I didn't even try.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one digging Super Junior this time around. Their previous stuff was complete crap. But their 'Sorry sorry' album is pretty tight. I'm try'na school some of these folk Krystle. I'm trying!! *lol* "Why I like you" needs exposure. That song can't just go to waste.

    There's too much dead weight up in Super Junior and they're a boy band (which already wards of some, particularly male listeners). But their music during their current run is good.

    Don't give me too much props for remembering the names. I had to Google the hell out of the Internets to catch who is who - and I don't know them all yet. Plus, that intro video to their "It's you" performance got paused many a time so I could highlight certain dudes.



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