Girls' generation and Super Junior cover one another

The popular boys and girls of Slave Monger entertainment did a lil' switcheroo, by performing one another's massively popular songs. It's not as interesting as you'd think. Both group's renditions sound like songs ripped from a porn soundtrack.

Girls' generation cover "Sorry, sorry"

Super Junior cover "Gee"

Some of you may ask why all of the SNSD and SuJu-bots weren't present. It's probably because those that weren't there don't sing. They just make up numbers, stand in the background and look pretty. Though I was surprised that Siwon wasn't present in SuJu's performance. To at least stamp some manliness onto proceedings, because let's face it: aside from Kang-in, he's the only member of the group that looks manly. The rest look like they could be switched into Girls' generation with weaves and pumps on the fly and nobody would notice, unless they did the splits. Then of course we'd all see the dangling and realize some girls got switched out.

I thought these renditions were crap to be honest. "Sorry, sorry" and "Gee" aren't songs you'd sit and wine and dine to whilst smoking a cigar at a window table overlooking some river. They're songs you pop, lock and stanky leg to. I'm all for acoustic covers of songs - but there's acoustic and then there's boring. And both of these covers were mad boring.

If I had to pick my fave out of the two, I'd go for Girls' generation's cover. They sounded pretty good and even worked a little harmony during the chorus. They certainly sounded more capable here than they do on their studio recordings (which isn't saying all that much) I was hoping Yesung and Kyuhyun would handle their business and pull those big notes out of the bag, but they were pretty tame.

Check out the bots' handling their own songs: Gee | Sorry, sorry


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