Girls' generation make like sexy sailors

The SNSD-bots go all sexy sailor on our arses
This right here is a brand new promotional image from the SNSD-bots Girls generation, who are ready to top charts and have the K-Pop world wagging tongues about them with a brand new single and mini album. Once again Korea throws the term 'comeback' around regarding this new single release. Like any of the girls have been out of the spotlight since "Gee" for more than an hour.

I loved "Gee". I think the song is bangin'. Of course I keep it somewhat on the down low. I roll to it in the car up loud, but lock the song off and shuffle the iPod to Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop" with the quickness at traffic lights.

A fair bit has happened the K-Pop landscape since Girls generation's last release. Korea seems to be in a girl group boom. And since "Gee", the Wonder girls are attempting to stake a claim in the US and 2NE1 have stolen many's hearts (including mine!), then we have JYP's girls group 4 minute set to drop any day now. Between the 2NE1 girls looking hot, having more of an edge, dropping a hot music video for their debut single "Fire", having delivered string of solid live performances and being endorsed by Big Bang - Girls generation need to have all guns blazing with this new single release. Some personality wouldn't go amiss neither. Watching Girls generation is like looking at a JPEG of a box full of Korean Barbie dolls.

They need to roll it out right. Because some bullshit which has them 2 stepping and doing a routine that a monkey with arthritis could do won't cut it. Unless of course the new song is so damn hot that nothing else matters.

Bring it on Girls. And bring it on correctly! And my fave SNSD-bot Tiffany had better looks FINE in this new music video.

Watch the one that I fell for: Girls' generation's "Gee" music video


  1. I do like their songs so I hope this is worthwhile. And yeah, it does seem like theirs an overflow of girl groups.

    But I think it's good.

    That way, people like me have more of a choice in girl groups to pick and I personally am not fond of the cute image. No offence.

    I just prefer 2NE1, After School, Wonder Girls and 4minute.


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