Jordin's rubbish 'Battlefield' album cover

What the hell...
This right here is Jordin Sparks new album cover. You would've thought based on the song "Battlefield" and the album bearing the same name that something more conceptual or fitting would've been knocked up for the album cover. But instead we get what looks like a close up cell phone shot of Jordin as she's about to tuck into a 2 piece chicken meal at a KFC.

The thing about this album cover, is that if the album was called something different like...Shit, I dunno: A girl like me, The girl next door or I'm your baby tonight (because let's face it: this shit stinks of 80's Whitney) - then this would actually be an alright cover. But to call the album Battlefield and then drop some Gewn Guthrie "Ain't nuthin' goin' on but the rent" looking shit is just stupid. Jordin is a pretty girl. She's got beautiful eyes, a way too perfect set of teeth and a figure with shape. She ain't 2-face from Batman. Surely she could've been shot her better than this.

Jive records must be short on money and have a rolodex full of whack photographers, because their past few major releases have been graced with some God awful album covers. Circus having Britney look like she's heavily sedated, Ciara looking hard in the face like she's about to rotate a n***a's tyres on Fantasy ride and now Jordin's Battlefield.


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