Lady Gaga's debut performance on Music station

Lady Gaga recently made her debut in Japan. She's done a couple of gigs over there already and they're loving her so far. A host of celebs are already digging her, one of whom is Crystal Kay - who has already said she's a fan of hers.

Lady Gaga made a stop at Music station for the first time to give a performance of that break out hit. Ya'll know which one...

I hate "Just dance". I never did like it. But she's given good performances of it - of which this wasn't one of 'em. She took the song down a key, there by making it easier for her to sing - but she still didn't sound all that great. This performance was definitely tame by Gaga's comparison. She's usually much more animated and theatrical.

She also looked mad tired in the face. 2 changes of glasses, heavy bags, 4 tube bottles of mascara and 2 fist fulls of glitter was not enough to hide how haggered she was looking in the face. Plus, I see she's resurrected the long blonde wigs. I know why she did it: keeping each look of hers in tune with the song it showed up in. "Just dance" and "Poker face" = the long blonde wig. "Love game" = Shorter blonde wig. "Paparazzi" = Short bob. I see you Gaga, I see you! She should stay with the bob for a bit longer though, because it really does suit her. But she may choose to switch up her styles quickly in Japan in the short time she's there, and condense the Gaga.

I think she will be big in Japan. She's like the better, more talented equivalent of Kumi Koda. Japan always likes an artist who seems larger than life and comes with theatrics, and Gaga is all that in spades. Ayumi Hamasakai best step her OTT game up, and Kumi needs to overswag the sex. Because Gaga's about to show them bitches a thing or two.

I don't think Lady Gaga is anything amazing. But I do greatly admire how she has her own game completely together and air tight so early on in her career. Most chicks don't get 'it' until years into their careers. Gaga has had it locked down from the word go. You can't hate on that.


  1. Yeah I believe that Gaga is getting burnt out from her tour and all that promo - in literally EVERY performance she's done for about a month and half now, she's dropped the key and done that monotone voice, singing through her nose.

    Not that she sounds that bad, but it's getting real obvious that she needs a break.

  2. I saw this on tv and I was a little disappointed. Probably because I wanted her to sing Paparazzi. I have to agree with Jordan, she probably is getting burnt out from all the performances.

    I liked her outfit. She looked crazy sitting next to that Johnny's boy band during the talk sessions.

  3. Yeah, she did look tired, didn't she?

    I've never seen an American artist come on Music Station, this is new to me.


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