Music video: The Black eyed peas - I gotta feeling

Now, this video looked like it was a lot of fun to shoot. Just a no holds barred party up in an unfortunate somebodies house. I preferred the rough edit of the video though, because you got to see Fergie feeling up on more girls, and somebody whip out a girls titty when says "Just take it off!" (YouTube, and thou shall find). But still, this is a great video that really gets you in the mood. Sure, it's been done many times before. But you can't go wrong with a hectic house party, with some girl on girl action, drunken antics, UV lights and fluorescent paint for a music video.

I would never sit at home or roll in my car listening to "I gotta feeling". But I would get buck wild to it in a club. It's just that kind of song you'd go nuts to if you were drunk enough amongst a bunch of other people who are just as smashed. I'm wondering how avid BEP fans feel about the song though. Between "Boom Boom Pow" and this, I wouldn't be surprised if many thought the group was selling out. Their sound has definitely gotten more and more generic and mainstream with each album. But it seems to be working in their favour, with "Boom Boom Pow" having topped charts and "I gotta feeling" looking to do the same.


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