Music video: Cassie featuring P. Diddy - This must be love

The song is rubbish. The video is rubbish. Kneepads is rubbish. Her defining moment in life will probably be having the Internet world fuss over them 'leaked' naked pictures she took with her cellphone in between her legs. The video looks like it was shot in the same hotel room she took them pictures. Gotta admire her economic mind set. Get some sex, some career drama and a video shoot all in one day and one location. Not that it'll do her much good.

Would somebody please show this girl the exit door to the game? And show that n***a Diddy the way whilst you're at it too.


  1. I wonder if Diddy knows that everyone hates him?

  2. Diddy's company went downhill when Danity Kane went.

    And what the hell has Cassie done to her hair? Not even conrows but she shaved it. ¬_¬

    Why is she still singing? She can't even sing to save her life.


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