Music video: Girls' generation - Tell me your wish (Genie)

The video was boring. It honestly didn't make me like the song anymore than I did before. But the song IS growing on me anyway. The dancing was poo. I'm not sure what it is with SM entertainment's groups; but the choreography in their music videos always looks crap. But when they do it live, it looks heaps times better. Super Junior's "Sorry, sorry", it was the same thing: Rubbish in the video, surprisingly decent live.

The SNSD-bots looked cute, but some of the girls looked tired and under-fed. Some of 'em need to be hitting a McD's. They were not filling out them uniforms. When they did their weird little Michael Jackson kicks (you see how far that dude's influences spreads!?) I thought Taeyeon's leg was gonna break off. As with "Gee", I had my eye on Tiffany. And Sooyoung is WORKIN' that new haircut. All of the other girls looked tired and ill. Yoona looked like she was dying.

Funnily enough, the song was re-edited for the music video. It didn't feature the stupid intro and outro sections where the girls are giggling, walking to their space ship or whatever auto-mobile an SNSD-bot rolls in. They were crap and too sickly sweet, but they would've fit the music video.

SM entertainment need to decide whether they want these girls' to be sexy, or cute, or find a better way to mix the 2 well. Because the divide between the sexy and cute was too contrasting in this video, to the point it was sending enough signals to scramble a radar. If you're gonna go sexy, run with the shit. Don't have the girls dance in heels and hot pants and show lots of leg, then have a pillow fight fully clothed and wave around birthday cakes. Unless the pillow fight leads to the stripping of clothes and the cake gets smeared on one of the girls' titties or something.

SM attempts to make the girls look innocent failed. All it did was make the girls look like they're about to turn tricks in a club for a customer to get some extra Won.

These girls can't stay cute forever. At some point SM is going to have to have these girls turn on the sexy full time.


  1. I can't even watch it. I don't like it anymore, I would rather learn the dances of Kissing You and Into the New World.

  2. *LOL* @ "I can't even watch it. I don't like it anymore"

  3. I felt like I was watching a cheap porno to be almost. Or an rpg. Definitely not my idea of a good video, but considering their target audience...

    I liked Gee way better, and I remember thinking the dancing wasn't all that back then! But it trumps this video. Still gonna listen to the song, it grew on me.


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