Music video: Hiromi - Yes

Damn. Even the J-Pop industry is being hit by the recession. This video looks like Hiromi and her record label had no money, and left the video in the hands of a group of average students with a camera and a MacBook with the latest version of Final Cut pro. I'm hoping that this video was shot and edited as a piss-take of old school 80s pop music videos. Otherwise I feel sorry for Hiromi and her music label's financial situation if they couldn't cough up enough Yen for a better music video.

But  I LOVE this song. The chorus is crack. Even though I can't sing along to jack-all else of the song, I can understand "Yes! Yes, my man! Yes. Yes! Yes, my man!". Something for me to roll in the car to on a nice Summers' day. I'm all over this song like a fly on a piece of shit. If you didn't look and listen twice, you could mistake little Hiromi for Namie Amuro. The vocal harmony drop around the 1:49 mark and the lolita look with the tiny hat was Namiserable all over.


  1. O.M.G. This beat is banging and she does look like Namie Amuro

    I haven't heard a J-Pop/R&B song this good since Ya-Kyim last year.

    Thank you so much, Random J, I know who to count on for good J-Pop songs, though do you know any other places that do news on J-Pop?

  2. *LOL* I'm glad you like it! I'm with you on the beat. It's hot as hell.


    As for J-Pop news: J-Pop asia's a really good site. It covers both Japanese and Korean pop news which is handy. I check it out on a regs because it has actor and drama related news too (I have an addiction to J-drama's).

  3. Ok.

    I go on that site too.

  4. This track is hot! The video looks like something from SNL, though >.>


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