Music video: Kumi Koda - Lick me

I'm genuinely surprised by both the song and video. Based on the title "Lick me" this was not what I thought Kumi would roll out with. When I saw the bowling alley and ice cream parlour I was on stand-by for her to show us what she can do with a bunch of ice cream cones, a bowling ball and a rubber glove. But she kept it clean. You could see hints of Kumi wanted to smut the hell out of certain scenes, but she managed to keep it all in check. The video could've done with a couple more setups. The school bus scene in particular got old really quick. But overall this was a nice video. The 'vanilla girl after all' admission at the end was some lies though. I bet Kumi likes all flavours. Frontin' like she wouldn't want to be broken off with some chocolate.

I'm a sucker for these fun, uptempo, happy-go-lucky Japanese songs - so I'm liking this. The whole vibe reminds me of Ayaka's uptempo's: "Kimi ga iru kara" and "Real voice" in particular which I loved. So Kumi's "Lick me" gets a definite thumbs up from me.


  1. I was hoping she would do a video for Ecstacy, I like that song better. I love it.

    But still, it would be the perfect song to listen to while I'll be in Japan next month for 3 weeks. ^_^

    I thought it was cute when the girl gave Koda Kumi some ice cream. The chocolate outfit suited her.

  2. You know Kumi likes all flavors! I am SHOCKED she wasn't rolling around in a tub of ice cream while having guys lick it off her. We know Kumi can't stop herself from slutting it up anytime and anywhere. Maybe there will be a special edition. ;)

    But seriously, I like the video, it's cute and much better than that song she did with her sister.


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