2NE1 perform "Pretty boy" and "I don't care" on Music bank

2NE1's back on that grind. Pushing their first mini-album, their single "I don't care" and looking super sexy in the process.

These girls just get hotter. I won't say a thing about how Minzy was looking when the girls did "I don't care", because that's wrong territory (she's still only 15). But every other one of the 2NE1 girls would get pushed up on with some back into it. CL was looking SEXY! She was giving me BoA vibes, only with 100% more live swagger and booty. I would put extra highlights up in that hair, whether she wanted them or not. She was killin' it with the getup she was rocking in the "I don't care" performance.

Dara's rising up in the ranks. I'm glad to see she's stepping up her game. There was a period when I was beginning to wonder why she was even in the group. But she's swaggin' more and has much more presence about her now. Bom still needs to fix up though. Looking pretty ain't enough. She needs to loosen up. She's so damn stiff and she always looks like she's concentrating too hard to sing and not have any fun on stage.


  1. As always, 2NE1 put alot of energy into their performance and pull it off.


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