Lady Gaga over-sexes in Maxim

Lady Gaga over-sexing it up in Maxim magazine Lady Gaga over-sexing it up in Maxim magazineLady Gaga over-sexing it up in Maxim magazine Lady Gaga over-sexing it up in Maxim magazine

The last 2 pictures are the best because not only are they pretty hot, but you can't see all of Lady Gaga's face. I just don't find her that attractive. She just has the most disengaging face ever.

Poker face. She weren't lying.


  1. I don't understand why everyone's nuts over GaGa... one of my friends tried to tell me that she thought GaGa was foinnneeee (in an I wish I was that attractive way that girls always do). But, I was like, look at her face lately?

    Her music is hot (I can't even BS myself), but damn. Let's see her top act one with her 2nd album, whenever that is. I only wish Colby O'Donis sold himself out like GaGa if it meant he could move units like she does. Or, maybe he should try dry humping someone's teenage daughter, like Akon. Cuz, his album grew on me.

  2. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that it's subjective. But I don't think she's that hot. Her swagger is hot, but her face ain't. At least not to me.

    One of my friends tried to tell me "Oh, she's well fit!" I was like, "Have you seen her face!? There's a reason she hides it behind bangs, glasses, her hand and wearing chandeliers on her head and shit". The next day he told me I was right after he saw a picture of her face in the paper: looking to' up. The only music video I thought she looked nice in was "LoveGame". When she's naked in the body paint and diamonds, she looks pretty hot and sultry. Otherwise, she looks like she's heavily drugged and wants crack.

    What I like about Lady Gaga more than anything is that she has a clear definition of her artistry and her image. Most chick don't get all that until several albums and years into their career. Lady Gaga had it locked down from the start. And THAT'S what I like and admire about her. Plus, she has the talent to back it up. When all's said and done, you can't take that away from her.

  3. Looking at her album cover, I was expecting Kylie Minogue or Madonna, but I didn't get that. I got something original. Which was surprising.

    The only thing I didn't like about GaGa was the way everybody jocked the hell out of her singles once they came out on the radio. But, I guess that's the price of "Fame". I kind of felt special being on top of her shit before most of America was, though. Ah, to be young and know all the blogs where music leaks first! Plus, after NKOTB's new album, I hadn't yet gotten enough of RedOne. Half of Lady GaGa's success was his stellar production, and if it weren't for New Kids on the Block's corny-ass videos (their dancing was wack as hell!) poor single choices and the fact that they're old as f**k and have no swagger, they would have tasted fame as well.

  4. Her face looks good from the side, lol. But that body is hot though. You can't see the face in the dark, all I'm saying!


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