Music video: 2NE1 - I don't care

Dara was SWAGGIN'! Actually swaggin'! Good on her. I just hope she takes this music video swagger with her to the upcoming live performances. Because you forgot she was in the group during performances of "Fire". Now I'm just waiting on Bom to swag and act like she wants to be noticed. She is HOT. I would push up on her. But I need to see some swagger from her that goes further than her just flicking her hair.

It's cool to see that 2NE1's stylist seems to have settled on the girls' current style. Especially Bom and Dara's, whose street wear looked a bit too much for them during their promotional run of "Fire", but has a cleaner more feminine look to it now.

This was a really nice video with a cool concept. I honestly wasn't sure what I was expecting with this video. But I like what was done with it in the end.


  1. CL looked good with her hair down and Bom's hair looks good no matter what.

    I think the best song from their mini album, 2NE1, is Pretty Boy because it's catchy. I was expecting more from In the Club but it's ok.


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