Music video: Britney Spears - Kill the lights

"Kill the lights" isn't actually a single. A contest was run on Britney's official website where fans could submit video ideas, and have it be recognized by Britney's peeps and materialize into an actual video. The above video was the outcome.

Whilst I'd like to think "Kill the lights" will be a single, I doubt it will. And if it did, then you know Britney would just roll with this animated shit for the official music video and not do a damn thing to promote it. "Kill the lights" could have an amazing video if Britney could be asked to put in some work and try moving how she used to, and the right director was chosen.

"Kill the lights" is one of the few songs on Circus that actually plays on an aspect of her private life and spins it into the perfect pop song. So it would be great if it did become a single. Clubs that play commercial cuts and clubs that cater to Hip-hop 'n R&B would both drop spin it. Some already do. I've heard "Kill the lights" on quite a few occasions on nights out.

I feel a little bitsorry for Danja. Nothing he's worked on for Britney has gotten the commercial appeal it deserved.

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