Music video: Mariah Carey - Obsessed

The idea of Mariah dressing up as an obsessive rapper baring a resemblance to Eminem matched with the song itself far exceeded the end result. This video was boring. It wasn't funny. It wasn't captivating. It won't set the Internets alight. And it certainly won't help re-invigorate the song for those who are already tired of it.

I'm not sure why Mariah paid Brett Ratner money to shoot this shit, when she could've just let Nick hit it from the back and had him shoot the video for her, and saved some G's in the process. Mariah's videos are always whack. But the music video for "Obsessed" was seriously whack. Why more whack than I thought was possible for Mariah. Trust her to take a good video treatment and a good song, and then f**k it up with her hair, wind machine, fake tan and her fake titties.

Mariah over sexing it up for the cameras and having the wind machine blow all in her grill completely over powered the entire video: just like I thought it would when I first saw Mariah was gonna be made up like a man.

Nobody should have bothered expecting any different from Mariah really. This is how she do, and she ain't gonna change. Even though a change has been long overdue.


  1. She pulled off Eminem though.

    Sorry had to check for some new updates.


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