2AM and 2PM to become Dirty eyed girls

I cannot WAIT to see this. Jo Kwon's swagger was so damn fierce during his stint in Boys' generation covering the SNSD-bots "Gee", that I just know he's going to go all out during this performance. He already has that hip swinging on LOCK...DOWN! He has to be taking the role of either Narsha: a chance for him to hip swang it and fanga snap, or Miryo: just so he can screech "Do you love her! Do you love heeerrrrr!?" Unfortunately he won't be steppin' into Ga-in's shoes. This'll be Chansung's role. If they keep the performance faithful to the original, then you know fan girls are going to SCREAM if one of the other guys starts caressing his chest from behind. And God help them when he takes it down to the floor.

I can see this performance being really stupid and funny, but also surprisingly good. They've already out swaggered Brown eyed girl J.A and we've only seen seconds of the rehearsals.

I've only started watching the group's semi-reality show Wild bunny and I'm hooked on the shit! The 2PM guys are so funny and stupid. It's cool to see the group have individual personalities and aren't afraid to make complete and utter arses of themselves.

Watch what the boys will be imitating: How the Brown eyed girls do "Abracadabra"


  1. Jo Kwon is a joker. But I am more anticipating Wooyoung and Taecyeon.

    Poor Chansung is bought into it but he seems to love it. Wild Bunny is a great show but Random J, I think you need to see a BETTER and much more funnier preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMOoROv37rU&feature=channel_page

    They might as well be Dirty Eyed Boys really.


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