Another sneak peek at the Dirty eyed girls

I cannot WAIT to see this. It's going to be full of awesome. Especially with Brown eyed girls being involved too. Jo Kwon is SO going to be doin' Miryo's "Do you love herrrr! Do you love her!" I'd be surprised if he didn't. Jo Kwon's got the fierceness and swagger to pull it off. He'd probabaly over fierce it and do it better Miryo herself!

Also, why are they not called Dirty eyed boys? Hmmm...

The first preview of the madness: 2AM and 2PM to become Dirty eyed girls


  1. Love Jo Kwon. Just from the preview alone you can tell he will be the fiercest one of the bunch. And he wrote the lyrics for the parody! Love it.

  2. I love Wild Bunny. Episode 5 has to be the best episode so far. I loved the intro Jo Kwon and Seul Ong did, it made me laugh.

    Episode 6 should be interesting too.


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