Ayumi Hamasaki performs "Sunrise ~Love is all~" on CDTV

I liked this song a great deal when I first heard it, but I'm sick of it already now.

Ayumi didn't sound all that good, but she sounded how she did on the recorded version, so make of that what you will. I don't think Ayumi Hamasaki has the best voice. It's distinctive. But there are many other J-chicks with much better vocal clout than Ayumi. The performance looked cool because of the set. It certainly looked better, slick and like it had more money invested in it than that dusty music video. I would say Ayumi looked nice, but her face scares me. Every expressions he pulls looks stiff and mannequin like. What she wore looked nice though. Well, from the knee's up. Them boots were bloody ugly.


  1. I've never heard Ayumi speak before - she sounds like an old lady! I don't mean to sound offensive or anything but when you sings she sounds a lot younger than her her talking voice.

    She did sound a lot like the recorded version, I think I prefer the ballad version, it's easier on the ears.


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