Behind the scenes of Dirty eyed girls' shoot

With episode 6 of Wild Bunny having aired, we can see what went on behind the scenes of Dirty eyed girls' video shoot. It's every bit as weird and awkward as you thought it would be.

Okay, it's official. I stan for Jo Kwon and his inner diva. Every time he turned it on, I just laughed my arse off. I was PISSING myself laughing when he was running through his own little routine and not even caring about his fellow mates trying to get their shit together behind him. Jo Kwon's diva swagger was concentrated int he final video. I'm in shock.

You can catch the boys swaggin' with Brown eyed girls (with Jo Kwon loving every minute of it) after the jump.

When I saw the final video, I thought the boys knew Brown eyed girls would be appearing in it. Seemed it wasn't so. I love how it took for the girls to see them before they started to feel like idiots and come to the realization how ridiculous they were looking. So much so, that they ran off the set. It was crazy how they seemed star struck too, even though there's not many years between them all and 2PM are mega popular right now. It'd be great for the boys and the girls to perform "Abracadabra" together on stage.

I love Ga-in even more as a result of her in this video. Her bad arsery in "Abracadabra" had me sprung. But seeing the cute side of her just made me wanna fly to Korea belly flop her. Her laugh was infectious: every time she cracked up, it made me crack up even more. And how hot did she look!? She was killing bitches in that outfit she as wearing. She looked like a BOWWSSS! Jea needs to step her ass down as leader.


  1. I couldn't stop laughing myself. I mean Wooyoung and Jokwon are the most funniest ones, playing around and taking the spotlight. I cannot wait to see Ep. 7.

    Ga-In and Narsha seemed to be the easy going ones. JEA seems too quiet and a b**** in a way, like she didn't like being there. I still can't believe she is the leader. I always thought it was Narsha.


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