The brown eyed girls swag it on Music core & The Pusan sea festival

The Brown eyed girls were workin' them outfits. Lord knows how. So much damn pink and sparkly pink at that shouldn't have worked for these girls and this song: but it did. I thought we were going to see the get-up's in the music video get worn in every performance. But thankfully their stylists dressed them differently.

All the girls were swaggin' their shit and making it pop except J.A. She looked like a little girl amongst grown women in her outfit and those pigtails. Miryo's hair was no better. Somebody obviously lost the curlers or broke the hair straighteners back stage - because that bun shit looked ragged. Her head got styled like she was about to go to bed or do her make up. But she at least worked her body suit and them boots. She was strutting with that cane like she was looking for a man to handle.

No matter how many times I watch performances of "Abracadabra" or the music video, the hip swinging always manages to hypnotizes me every time. The choreography actually looks better live than it does in the video. Except for the break down section. It all feels so empty without watching Ga-in's titties get caressed up and down - and the TV broadcasters always seem to cut away during it.


  1. I just watched their comeback and now this performance was even better. I love this song especially the beginning.

    I think you're right about J.A (What's her stage name really? I'm asking). When she started singing, I went back to the beginning.


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