Girls' generation wave their skinny legs goodbye to "Genie"

The SNSD-bots wrapped up their promotional activities for their single "Tell me your wish (Genie)" by giving one last performance of it. A performance that was a lot like their old ones, except with a break down section the middle consisting of Heoyeon trying to dance like she has attitude, but instead looking like she's having wild spasms in her spine.

Thank GOD performances of this song will be ceased. I got sick of watching the girls perform it and perform it with no energy or lustre. This final goodbye performance was probably one of their better performances. Vocally the girls who did bother to sing live sounded good (particularly Tiffany) and whilst the synchronicity between the girls wasn't at it's best, it was better than it had been on occasions.

These girls need to take one nice long break. They should go get their hair: Jessica is due a new colour, her shit looks dull. And Yoona needs to kill the dark hair, it makes her look even more dead than usual. And they should also eat some food: I'm look at YOU Sooyoung. Girl is way too skinny. She wasn't filling out those hot pants at all, and them legs... Jesus! I've seen more thickness on the wire of an iPod headphone. The other SNSD-bots could also do with more meat on their bones.


  1. Well, now that they are finished, I wonder what they will do next year.

    Truthfully, they've done well and have showed their position as one of the best K-Pop girl groups.

    Probably SM was smart to post them at the start of the year when no other girl groups would come and take #1 with Gee and they won nine weeks (Apparently, I don't believe that).

    Wonder what SM has in store for them next year though I heard that year will be when all the boys comeback or debut etc. (YES!!)

  2. I dunno if I agree that they're the best K-Pop girl group. They're probably one of the most promoted in Korea, but I don't think they're the best. Their singles "Gee" and "Genie" were hot, but their mini albums were absolute crap. And their live performances of "Genie" have been really hit and miss. Many other K-pop girls groups have put on much better performances than they have, and Boys generation performed them under a bus doing one of their own songs! They're lucky that SM entertainment know how to milk the hell out of them, and give them really good singles.


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