Lady Gaga rocks V festival

Lady Gaga swept into the UK to perform at the V festival. It marks her first time at the event. And given the show she put on, and the reception she got from the crowd, it certainly won't be her last. Thankfully she spared everybody "Just dance" and "Poker face". She did try to do "Poker face", but the stage managers pulled the plug on her shit. Good man! I'm sick of the song now.


I'm sick of "LoveGame" now, but the performance of it made me like it a little again. Her performance of it was the most engaging I've seen Lady Gaga in a while. Her past few performances have been a little disconnected, but she was wired on this occasions - which made the performance even better. She went all out. Bitch even broke her shoe and dropped one of those generic as hell remixes of her song that is guaranteed to get a festival crowd amped.

A change of shoes and a moment to take 5 later, and she was back to perform what I think is her hottest single: "Paparazzi".


I like how every time she performs this song, she makes changes to the song or performs it entirely different altogether. This performance was on point. The new arrangements were hot and she took out that annoying bridge section which always annoyed me.

What can I say. She bloody well killed it! Lady Gaga is always fun to watch because she puts on such A SHOW. She was stale and burnt out during her gigs in Japana nd Korea - but she was on top form at V. She went about these performances like she was on a full blown world tour. Didn't no one else at V festival bring such tight and polished performances onto the stage. Watching these really does make me want to see her live. Lady Gaga will be at the o2 either later this year or next year. So I'll be sure to try and get me some tickets for that.


  1. actually she turned up 20 minutes late got booed by the crownd, performed some songs then left before she could finnish coz she turned up late and got booed again lol shes a douchebag! :P

  2. I'm constantly on the fence deciding if I liker her or not, but that Paparazzi performance was GREAT. She pushes her voice way past its' limits far too often, but that was really lovely, the vocals and the new arrangement.

    Love Game got on my nerves though. I want to actually see her, you know?


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