Music video: Thelma Aoyama - Wasurenai yo

A really nice music video, and a change of pace from all of the flashing lights, colours and dance routine driven K-Pop videos that I've been submersing myself in over the past month.

I'm a lover of J-drama's, so this music video ticked all the right boxes and roped me right in. Even though I've watched shit loads of J-drama's where a guy has been hit by a car as he walks across the street with a wedding ring in a bag, it still shocks me everytime. (I need help!) I've started to harbour a bit of a thing for Satomi Ishihara too. I just got done watching a drama she starred in called Voice - in which she was working the long hair and pouting them full lips at every opportunity. She's not quite wifey material like Hikaru Utada, but I'd do things to those lips if she fell to her knees within 2 metres of my standing.

Thelma deserves to have some major success with this song. Not only is it perfection, but has a cool music video too. She needs to hurry and drop a new album. If "Wasurenai yo" is a sign of things to come, she'll deliver one heck of an album.


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