New music: Eminem - The warning

New music: Eminem - The warning
We all knew the second Mariah dropped "Obsessed" than Eminem was gonna gun for her. So this should come as no surprise...

Listen: The warning

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We should thank Mariah. She brought out that full on Slim Shady that was missing from Eminem's last couple of albums, including Relapse. He tore Mariah a new one. But it's getting stupid now. Eminem beefing with Mariah Carey!?

I wouldnt say Eminem has won the battle though. "Warning" just highlights what Mariah was singing about in her song all along. At the end of the day she can just sit on Oprah, shrug and say "See! I told ya'll. Obsessed! Why would he go and do that song if he wasn't?" But "Warning" rips into Mariah and Nick Cannon so badly that it makes you wince as you listen to it. There are so many scathing lines that Em drops, that you can't even highlight just one. Dude even took it to her Glitter breakdown and her relationship with Luis Miguel.

No losers here. Only winners. The whole Mariah and Eminem drama helps give Mariah's single weight and garner interest in her forthcoming album, and Eminem gives his fans that super Slim Shady song they've been craving for a good while.

We all knew that Eminem would gun for Mariah when she dropped not just the song, but the music video to "Obsessed". But you gotta give Mariah props for having the balls to drop 'em in the first place. Most rappers in the game wouldn't have it in them to go for Eminem, but a chick did. And Mariah at that!


  1. One of my favorite lines was about Nick Cannon needed to get a career before he thinks about ending Em's. This was classic Eminem. Razor sharp lyrics and flow.

    The beef is pretty stupid, but I'm hoping it escalates. I want to see these pics Em is talking about. <_<


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