SM entertainment presents: Skinny SNSD-bots performing "Genie" out doors

I'm surprised these girls were allowed to perform outside in even the slightest of breezes with their skinny frames. I was expecting to see SNSD members get blown away off the stage. But the SNSD-bots managed to get through their song okay and in one piece. I can't stress enough how Sooyoung needs to put on some weight. I've seen knitting needles thicker than her legs. Seriously. I don't care what anybody says. Super skinny legs are not sexy. I should not be able to see her femur and tibia every time she walk across a stage and does that freaky leg swangin' during the hook.

"Tell me you wish (Genie)" is a hot song. But watching the girls perform it is just boring. Throw any 9 skinny Korean girls on a stage over the age of 18 in a sailor outfit and heels, and they could probably get through the song and entertain no more or no less than the SNSD-bots themselves.


  1. I think you need to see when they did their special sorry, sorry. You can tell their legs are REALLY super skinny.


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