The Sugababes debut performance of "Thank you for the heartbreak"

Keisha twittered that this song is produced by Stargate, which surprises the shit out of me! Whenever Stargate come different from their usual shit, the results are more often hot than not. Rihanna's "Don't stop the music", Janet Jackson's "2nite", Mariah Carey's "I'm that chick" and Esmée Denters' "Love dealer" to the Sugababes "Thank you for the heartbreak". When they stay away from recycling Ne-Yo joints and "Irreplaceable" they do great things.

I'm glad that aside from "Get sexy", that the new songs still sound like Sugababes songs. Based on "About a girl", "Thank you for the heartbreak" and even "Get sexy" - this new album is already sounding better than Catfights & spotlights.


  1. top marks girls! sugababes back to theyre best :D
    cant wait to get this album its gonna be amazing but i have to say the "catfights and spotlights" was better than "change" :P


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