Crystal on her Color change! tour

Crystal Kay on her Color change! tour
FINALLY some footage of Crystal on her colour change tour! Almost a damn year after she does it. These aren't full videos, but more short and sweet medleys of her performances recorded from her stop at Zepp Tokyo in November of '08 for Japan's WOWOW TV network.

I was not feeling the outfits. Even the one where Crystal was in tight bottoms and a shiny bra. She went from looking like Alice in Wonderland to looking like she was getting ready for bed in a nightie for "Help me out", to wearing a silk bed spread for "The road home" and THEN some shit her blind Grandma sewed together for "One". But Crystal sounded nice live and had a great energy about her that I've not seen from her before. Bitch was looking possessed during "Namida no saki ni", but it was fun to watch her thrash the hair and jump around in heels. (I see somebody has been watching DVD's of the Beyondroid's live gigs). Every song Crystal performed sounded great. Not only Crystal vocally, but the arrangements too. Some songs sounded better than they did on the damn CD's. "Namida no saki" sounded especially great and "Konna ni chikaku de..." sounded pretty amazing, even with orchestrations stripped away. I'd love to see her in concert one day. She really did her thing.

I thought the Color change! tour was going to be a bigger affair. The stage was mad small and not enough was being made from the space. I guess Epic records don't feel Crystal is quite at that level for them to splurge big budgets on spectacles of a stage show like Hikaru, Ayumi and Namie Amuro get for theirs. Maybe if more of Japan buys her damn albums, they might! Good news for Crystal's best compilation: it debuted in the charts at #2! But it'll probably fall out faster than if somebody physically threw it out. Crystal's albums never stay high in a chart for long.

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  1. This tour was worth the 5000 yen I spent on it! I had such a great time watching Crystal do her thing! You need to check her live J.

  2. I really liked the energy she and the audience generated and she sounded great. By the way her "Best" is still in the top twenty and today it was #10.

  3. the costumes were so lame but as usual crystal was AMAZING! you can see how happy she is to be on stage and the audience are loving it :D
    i wish i could see her live and i cant wait to get "the best of crystal kay" which im glad is still going strong at no10! how many copies has it sold so far?!?

    p.s i literally just ordered the best of cd from ebay!!!! (£15 including post & packaging) cant wait for it to arrive now! :P

    <3 crystal 4 eva! :D


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