Mini album review: 4 minute - 4 muzik

Album review: 4 minute - 4 muzik
With 4 minute's debut and the success of their first single "Hot issue" comes their first mini album. Just like their style, it's a bit of a mess and has a air about it that seems really familiar...

Just to give something new right off of the bat, the album's first song isn't "Hot issue", but instead, "Muzik" - which is a cool song. Although there is way too much auto-tune. I'm not on the auto-tune hate bandwagon. I like how it sounds on certain songs. But I hate when songs utilize auto-tune unnecessarily. The production on "Muzik" is so hot and the hooks are so catchy that the song would have worked just fine without it. It is a hot pop jam though, and it would've made a much better debut single than the horrid "Hot issue", which is just 3 minutes and 44 seconds of annoying migraine inducing vocals and a really bad rip off of a Lil' Jon beat.

If the girls aren't wailing in auto-tuned vocals, then they're ripping off other songs. "What a girl wants" and "Won't give" sound like the dime-a-dozen productions that have been falling like shit out of arseholes ever since Stargate popularized the now signature drum patterns with Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable". I wouldn't mind so much if the song was good, but it's just crap because the 4 minute girls keep interchanging between singing, rapping and shouting too frequently tot he point it just sounds like mess. Songs like these should have had a similar structure to 2NE1's "I don't care" - prominent singing, and then a bridge section of raps. "Funny" sounds like the illegitimate love child of "Womanzier" and "If U seek Amy". It is actually a good song, but there's no denying the comparisons between this and Britney's Circus singles. I hope Cube entertainment listed "If U seek Amy"'s songwriters in the credits for this song, otherwise they could find themselves getting slapped with a lawsuit. "Funny" is the best song on the album by far and would make a hot single. But there's no denying the comparison between it and Britney's "If U seek Amy".

4 Muzik isn't a completely shit mini-album. But the sound just isn't consistent. The only consistency is that every song sounds like another song by somebody else to the point you wonder if they're being sampled. From start to finish you'll hear something that sounds like Usher's "Moving mountains", The Black eyed peas' "My humps" and "Rock your body", Britney Spears "If U seek Amy", The Dream's "Rockin' that shit" and "My love" and a couple of Stargate productions. The K-Pop game is no stranger to quickly jumping on bandwagons that everybody is hauling ass onto in the States. But with this album it really is too much. There's a distinct lack of identity with 4 muzik. When I listen to a mini album like 2NE1's, I get it. I can see what they're trying to do and where they might go with their future releases. With 4 minute's, I don't get that.

4 muzik isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. If the producers actually hone these girls vocal talents, structure the songs better and give them a sound that doesn't sound exactly like somebody else's song - then we could get a good full length album from these girls. Cube entertainment have something to work with here. They just need to hone and fine tune the girls' better and channel them into better songs that make you take notice for all the right reasons.

4 minute. 4 muzik. 4 songs I like. 4 out of 10.

4 out of 10

Album highlights:
■ Muzik J's fave
■ Funny
■ Won't give
■ Hot issue (Remix)


  1. Do you ever rate album's a little higher than 5? Random J, it seems like you rate these albums VERY professionally, yet sort of harshly and true.

  2. I've rated lots of albums over 5. It just seems that it's my reviews where I score an album under 5 that get highlighted and commented on. *shrugs*

    I don't think I'm being THAT harsh. Just honest. It's just a reflection of how I feel personally about the albums.

    In 4 muzik's case, the album is a little too messy and needs refining. Hopefully (for them), their producers will hone their style a little better for their next full length / mini album and lay off of the taxing.



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