Music video: Amerie - Heard 'em all

The video bares more than a slight resemblance to The Forehead's "Disturbia", which is down to the dude that directed it. Anthony Mandler's style was popularized with "Disturbia" and now everybody wants it. He did the same thing for Mary J. Blige's "One" video. But at least Mary's shit was bumpin' from start to finish. Amerie's video looks cool and Amerie looks effortlessly hot. But the whole thing is boring to watch and doesn't really match the song. The video should have had a KILLER dance routine. But all Amerie did was squat for 3 minutes and flick her head back. Amerie really should have shot a video with Melina or Diane Martel: Two female video directors who really know how to shoot a woman and have her look smoking within a really cool, yet simplistic concept and get-up. Amerie has always been about simplicity and I think they would've been the perfect choices. Because I feel Amerie got a little lost in all the dark moody lighting, smoke and fences.


Tags: Amerie, Anthony Mandler, Heard 'em all


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