Music video: Angela Aki - Ai no kisetsu

Boring video. Some pretty shots, but bloody boring. Most of Angela's video are just that: boring. "Ai no kisetsu" is the theme song to the J-drama Tsubasa, which stars Mikaki Tabe: the girl starring in this music video. Her face scares me. She used to make me feel uncomfortable when I watched Shikaotoko aoniyoshi, because she never smiled and she just has a cold looking face.

"Ai no kisetsu" is a nice song. It's a shame Angela recorded it after her album Answer. It would've made a nice addition to it. I just love how nice and clear her voice is. Even on songs of hers I'm not keen on, I can never fault the clarity of her vocals.

All about the album this song doesn't feature on: Answer


  1. I haven't really followed Angela Aki since her song for FFXII but I'm glad she's still going at it - she's talented. Its a nice song with a sweet vid.


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